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I think modern art is quite empty-headed in most cases, created by people who are able to observe world from a certain distance, that is they enjoy a relative disengagement from appearences in their conventional sense. Their art is feed upon seeing the dance of appearances and their interaction with the artist's personal constituents. But as most of the artists are lacking ethical consolidation and higher values their works express nothing but an other perspective of possible viewing of things. And if you talk to them they appear quite confused, and if socially successful then they are also trapped for a lifetime as they are payed for upkeeping their crazy imagination.

Though there might be some valuable works... very few.

I’m not sure of that in general most of modern artists are lacking ethical consolidation and higher values.

I think there are lot of artists making modern art and wanting to find higher values through their work.

Fine art is a tool for human beings to express their thoughts and feelings and by this, it is a help for understanding their own beings.

As human beings has changed over the centuries, art has changed too. Maybe modern art can be really empty-headed but I think for those who practice fine art in this modern way as it exists in our time and in our western culture, it can be a good starting point for understanding.

I agree with that if there is no personal growth behind practicing art but only social success, it is trap.

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