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Danger Of Fake "teachers"

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I think it can be a very hot topic at any period of history, in any part of the world. I live in a country where mysticism and new age movements are far too popular for some reason, and there are a lot of people with questionable background and morality who start teaching their own ideas and understandings, trying to manipulate people with energies and such means that mostly awakens fear in the "patient" or disciple.

There are also "teachers", who call themselves with different titles - as nobody is authoritative enough in burocratic circles to ban them using such titles - but they are not more than common samsaric "philosophers", who earn money by "talking to themselves", but are resourceful enough to dress their poundering in a saleable form. They are also not capable for guiding disciples spiritually, though are not as harmful - maybe - as the previous ones.

We also often hear news that parents actually killed their child and themselves too, because they tried to live on prana... Others simply go mad, and end up in psychiatry, live crazy among people, or become criminal or find other ways to abuse people. There are planty of examples for such cases, normally not ending in that very serious result, but the direction is taken to bad already...

And all of these tragedies have their roots in wrong understanding of reality, and in following one's own convictions and aberrations, i.e. when people are getting 'successful' in explaining things so that they support their inclinations and personal reasons, emotions, frustrations. They do not want to face their shortcomings so they search for "teachers" from some easily reachable trend, and pay for it, become a slave mentaly, and ending up in chaos, loosing themselves, partly because when at the end they realize they were mistaken, it is already too late. The so called "teacher" does not have the ability to bring them back! He was just telling his ideas amidst the hosanna of the crowds who are looking for pleasant words and easy access, and he had not the slightest connection to Reality! Consequently he also has no mean to act upon it, he is building dreamlands for himself and for his disciples too! But these people go mad in samsaric reality, and the dreamers who put them there cannot help them in coming back, as they are losers themselves.


There are 2 reasons i brought up this topic - first is to talk about specific dangers of different trends, because i really do worry for these people, as it is extremly difficult to come back to normal life: they lose everything that could sustain them in rehabilitation, they will lack of conditions, not just because they can lose material thing like money, property, but can also lose qualities in their mindstream for long time, which blocks them in remembering precious feelings.

And the second is to talk about how one can find a true spiritual guide. How one can test the person to be choosen as a teacher.

And i am also saying this to emphasise how precious is the true Teacher, and how inexpressible is His/her support and protection and safe guidance. (we in Dharmaling can feel very "lucky" )


In Hungary there are some schools of so called brain-controll. They use meditation and mental manipulation in a very silly way. there are quite some psychiatric people coming out from their groups. i wonder how such schools can flourish...

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I think it can be a very hot topic at any period of history,

That's why it is very important to follow a traditional Path, and not new age one. Traditional Paths have been "tested" for centuries, and we can observe their results also since centuries.

Engaging into a new age movement is losing time, and eventually even accumulating negative karma. There are not hundreds of ways to reach Enlightenment. You need to know very well karma and the true Nature of phenomena.

Personally, I know only one Path which explains these two points so well that we can go beyond the words, into the field of experience, and reach Liberation from Samsara, up to Omniscience.


Yes, Hungary is quite a champion in charlatans! It works very well there. Unfortunately, I'm afraid it makes people poorer, without to bring them closer to any Truth. One of this new-age movement which works very well is "prananadi". It's a sect in all negative ways, fake, made up from bit and pieces the founder could take from various traditions, but disconnected from their root, therefore completely inefficient as regarding any chance to reach Liberation. This movement increases the ego of the people, making them to believe they are learning some very important and secrets things, while they are learning non-sense (I have seen all the documents, from beginner to so called "master"). Not only it's inefficient as a Path to Liberation, but it happens to be also dangerous in many cases. Dangerous because some people are developing mental illnesses, but also because some people are unbalancing their energy system. And I know what I'm talking about, because I get these people as patients when I go to Budapest for healing sessions.

So, if you see "prananadi" somewhere, run the opposite way, except if you are a Bodhisattva, because many people there need your help!


Unfortunately, such situations exist also within Buddhism, either as someone completely insane people endorsing some Buddhist titles (such as this American man pretending to be the incarnation of Maitreya - but also of the Christ, the Buddha, Milarepa, Tsong.kha.pa, Padmasambhava, etc...- or this Slovene woman pretending to be the incarnation of the woman Buddha Tara); or some Tibetan monks pretending to be Lama or Rinpoches (such as this Geshe in Austria).

Check here: Dharmaling forum about Cults, controversial movements or persons


It is also the responsibility of the disciples/students to be very careful before engaging into any movement or along with anyone pretending to be a "master", guru, lama, or whatever title is used. Check very well, and long enough to wipe out any doubt you would have. Some Texts are speaking about checking for ten to twelve years before to establish a Master-to-Disciple relationship. It's not for nothing. Spend time to observe that the acts of someone are matching with his or her words. Talking nice is one thing; acting virtuously all the time is less easy.

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