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Benefiting Business Ideas

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I thought we could post some beneficial business ideas here.



Like it appeares it is a nice way to invest, do good, earn money and spread good heart at the same time. I am quite happy to see some bright people having enough courage and faith to represent real values. http://www.budapesthotelpanda.hu/hotel.html

I saw them yesterday on tv, where the hotel was shortly introduced. 90% of the employees are handicapped, but are perfectly able to fullfill the needs of a 4stars hotel. At the beginning, at job interview they were shy and felt embarassed and hopeless, but the employer knew very well that they only need some time to overcome the low self-esteem and fear that is planted by the dominant rest of the society. There is a woman, working now in the bar as a waitress, who has university degree, speaks languages, but out of a disappointing relationship she suffered serious depression, and she nearly didnt leave her flat for a decade or so, and she was completely rejected by people believing she is mad. Now that she has a regular job where there is natural acceptance, she is getting balanced, and she is trusting more and more herself and maybe others too. It is good to see how perfect remedy kindness is.

Other emloyees have physical problems, short sightedness, amputated limbs etc., but they are comletely capable to fullfill requirements, and are progressing quite well - as a result of the owner's trust. Besides, it is a good example for turists and the surrounding, and it teaches acceptance and good heart.

On the other hand, from financial point of view it also has its return, as the government supports the employment of handicapped people, and there is some tax reduction too, and of course they have the normal income from the hotel.

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