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Transformation With The Help Of Dharma

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When I started to deal with Buddhism, a main problem emerged immediatelly. Namely euthanasia, KILLING. I am a vet and I put to sleep many animals for long time. The euthanasia is accepted, and is a positive, helpful thing in the veterinarian field. On an occasion Rinpoche explained that the euthanasia wasn't right, and is harmful. Then I didn't agree with Him. I remembered the dying animals, but i accepted His opinion without any conditions, as an axiom. I think we have to accept our Teacher's opinion without any conditions, because we have not enough wisdom and knowledge. But it doesnt mean that we follow anything blindly.

First time I was worry what would the owners and my colleagues say? I feared. But it became easier and easier. Today it doesn't cause any problem for me, and my colleagues' attitude have changed too. Though i didn't force them to change their opinion. I have not "used" euthanasia for 3 years, and i am very happy with it :-)

I think other things will change the same way.


Best regards, Gyöngyi

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