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Proper Behaviour Toward The Master

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Guest Ani.Chödrön

I agree that in the West we have a habit of seeing everybody as equal, including the Guru, as we have through history lost the models of supreme inner development. I agree that this can be an obstacle on one’s spiritual path, but i would put things much more broadly.


As every person has his own needs, so every Guru-disciple relation is very much individually based.


Each relationship is mutual, and a Guru is usually not so shy that he could not set a borderline, if necessary. The Guru himself might set such type of relationship, and he might have good reasons for it. Yet, i agree with you, our preconceived ideas about how a relation shall look like are often a hindrance for a deeper relationship.


Establishing a firm Guru-disciple relationship takes time. Sometimes not just one life. It might include phases that to some extent strengthen one’s ego, temporarily, while establishing suitable conditions (such as inner strength, confidence, aspiration etc. etc.) for larger steps on one’s spiritual path.


Each Guru-disciple relationship changes through time. It might start as a buddy relationship and only later, when the ground is firm enough, it can proceed towards some other methods, such as more wrathful ones, more directly working on ego - or not. It’s individual, based on each person's karma and led by the Guru.

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