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Tashi delek,


Let`s say, there is one guy with many bad habits, but he started to work on himself. Now this guy has the habit to steal.He comes into the situation to steal, but then he remembers his spiritual path and gives everything back he wanted to steal.


The question is, what is with the karma of the person who would have been the victim of the thief?


1.Does he still have the the karma of getting robbed - I mean this time he was not getting robbed because the conditions were not really complete as the thief changed his mind in the last minute- but with the next occasion if all conditions come together, he would get robbed?

2.Or was his karma never to get robbed that day? ( in esoteric cirecles they talk of a kind of law of resonance, like when you have a angry mind, you will/could attract angry people, or harmful situations, etc, which I think is in accordance with Buddhism)

3.Or was his bad karma just a week karma: not strong enough to ripen, unsure to ripen ( I heared once that karma can be different potential, like of 100%, 50% etc)


Are all 3 possibilities possible?


Best wishes


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Guest lodreu

Dear all,


It seems in your case there was the karma to get robbed, as the action happened. Yet there was also the karma to get back what was taken away. Different karmas.


Best regards,


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