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I would like to share my personal experiences as far as pets-vaccination is considered.

Our vet-education was based on the importance of the vaccination. We could not imagine, that the vaccine can be harmful!We knew about "only" anaphylaxia and the paralysis after vaccine against rabies. When I was beginner I treated such a paralytic dogs, and we had to put to sleep them.

Nowadays, it's well-known, that som vaccines for cats cause fibrosarcoma at the place of the needle-sticking. We have a cat-patient, which was operated fot it two-times.

We noticed in some cases, that the vaccine didn't protect, moreover it led death.

I had an interesting case. There were necrotic parts of the dog's both ears. I had not any idea. That summer Rinpoche talked about harm of vaccines, and I started to deal with this topic deeply, and I saw a photo of a dog like this.! Heureka! I vaccinated this dog again, and I talked to the owner, that he would notice his dog. I didn't believe! After two or three weeks the symptoms were appeared at the same place! I certify the vaccine, but I have not vaccinated this dog since then, I cheat.


Best Regards Gyöngyi

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