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The Root Of Violence In Gaza & from Holocaust to Gaza

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By Lama Shenpen Rinpoche


Israel didn't respect any of the resolution passed since 1948, requesting to respect human rights, requesting to respect the line established when they were given some land (stolen by the English and divided from the rest, proclaimed as a nation for lame political reasons and even more stupid so called historical ones).

The Hamas aroused because none of their rights are respected since 40 years. Children grew in violence, surrounded by a "wall of shame", beton and barbwires, everything is controlled by Israel, lands are constantly stolen for expanding colonies, road are closed to avoid Palestinian to come too close to colonies, etc... I won't agree with the violence, but I surely can understand the reasons. If the means used are not, the request of the Hamas is legitimate.


In 1943, the Jews of the Warsaw ghetto decided to fight and eventually die free with honour. Since the end of the war, we hear constantly the litany of their brave resistance against the Nazis. Today, Palestinians are resisting, but they are named "terrorist" and massacred under the eyes of the coward societies who do not move because otherwise they get scold by the US, or labelled as "anti-Israel".


Because of the greed of a nation -who should be the one remembering History- violence is growing and won't cease. Israeli government say to act for security reasons. But they are the reasons for the insecurity of their own people. In Gaza, they are using weapons not allowed, against children, women, and old people. And even tested some new weapons of incredible violence and pain. Over 1.200 have been killed by the rage of Israeli government.

Now they pretend to be the good people by "bestowing" a ceasefire? The root of the problem hasn't been addressed, and even less solved. And this move is intended to avoid a deepening of a diplomatic treaty agreed by both sides.


The solution? To give back to Palestinians what is theirs, to go back to the 1967 green line, and to open the "check-points" to allow free movement of goods and people. This would solve the violence. But obviously, this solution is not even in consideration by Israel, the US, and their supporters. The solution chosen is to kill as many Palestinians as possible, destroy all their infrastructure (including schools and hospital, even when they are under UN protectorate).


All the kids growing in this war will be fuelled by an un-extinguishable hatred against the occupator who has killed sometime their whole family under their eyes! In three weeks, Israeli government has slaughtered over 1200 Palestinians, and built the characters of thousands of survivors, who will have for only objective to kill as many Israelis as possible. Good job!


I'm a religious man, not involved personally in this conflict, neither by having relatives there, neither by religion. I just would wish Peace, for both Israel and Palestine. And I make clear difference between Israel government and Israeli people, as so many of them simply wish to respect and treat decently Palestinians also.

But I'm not blind, and I'm not afraid to speak out what I think to be the real problem in this region, which is greed and total lack of compassion from the invader. Though, I will surely be labelled as anti-Israel, or (worst) anti-Jews, as it is their tactic to muzzle the freedom of speech...

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Guest lodreu

Dear all,


There is nowadays a chain mail sent around called holocaust survivors. Here is what is says, and the images it contains:


The grandchildren of holocaust survivors from world war II are doing to the Palestinians exactly what was done to them by nazi germany …


- Building walls & fences to keep people in prisons.

- Check points not to allow people basic freedom of movement.

- Arrests & harassments.

- Destroying homes & livelihoods.

- Gifts (with love) from the children of peace-loving & civilized countries.


The classic propaganda machine - you will find the picture in *black* & white in all American and some other western countries history books, encyclopedias, libraries, museums… that depicts a young Jewish boy with his hands up while nazi troops point their guns at him and his family in order to expel them from their homes… (it's supposed to make you sympathize with the victims & to support their cause for justice & a homeland).


The Israelis practice the same tactics.

In the attached file you will find the pictures in a pdf file. It can be quite shocking, but also very sad to see how history can take different shapes but through time reveal quite similar situations.


While looking at the news today i saw a declaration of a leader of Hamas saying that whatever was destroyed, they now had much bigger support from the population as the massive killing and destruction had turned the state of mind of the population against Israel.


Best regards,



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