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H1n1 Influenza (swine Flu)

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Here are some info about the H1N1 influenza (swine flu) regarding to yesterday’s Q/A:


Manifestations of H1N1 influenza (swine flu) are similar to those of seasonal influenza. It is just like a common flu, not more dangerous than a seasonal flu ;) .


As of early June 2009, H1N1 influenza had infected 28,774 people in 74 countries, and 144 deaths were confirmed to have been caused by the disease.

H1N1 influenza (swine flu) tends to cause high morbidity (because we’re not immunized yet) but has low mortality rates (1-4%).


Here are some most frequently asked questions and answers about H1N1 influenza:



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Manifestations of H1N1 influenza (swine flu) are similar to those of seasonal influenza. It is just like a common flu, not more dangerous than a seasonal flu ;)

I agree.


Here is rought translation of an article published in France in "Le Monde" of 26 July:

Pr Debré is an eminent doctor:



Professor of Medicine and UMP MP, Bernard Debré says that influenza A (H1N1) "is not dangerous" and that the mobilization against the epidemic "only serves to scare us" in an interview published Sunday 26 July in the Journal du Dimanche. "This flu is not dangerous. We realized it was perhaps a little less dangerous than seasonal influenza. So now you must whistle the end of the game!" says Debré .


"Everything we do is only to scare us" he adds. "Yes, this flu fuse very quickly. And after that? A patient infects two or three, against one for influenza. But it remains a 'grippette', it is not Ebola or Marburg" he adds. According to Bernard Debré, "without saying so, the authorities have already begun to reduce wings. The patients, are not checked to see if they have indeed caught the H1N1 or a simple cold, are now invited to take paracetamol" he said.




He says governments "really had no other choice but to follow" after the World Health Organization (WHO) had, "too quickly began to gesticulate with daily news and press conferences repeatedly". But he "accuses them to have succumbed to a political over mediatisation of this event." "There are 800 cases in France. It is a joke! Will we begin to count also the diarrhoea?", he quips.



"We should clearly announce the color we are under a full scale exercise. Period. There is no need to panic unless people want to hammer them for political purposes, the following message: sleep good without fear people, we take care of you" says Mr. Debré further clarifying that he "does not blame" the health minister Roselyne Bachelot. He said that in France "vaccines will not be ready before November 15", which is "when the first peak of infection will be over."


"Of course, this virus can mutate and become virulent. For the moment this is not the opinion of the majority of virologists ... Assuming the worst happens. Are we sure that the vaccine ordered will be effective? No" states Mr. Debre, who then calls an "economic error" the French order of 100 million vaccines. "It should allow laboratories to develop their products and then buy according to our needs", he says. "What seems more serious, the doctor concludes, is that hospital beds and ambulances were requisitioned for nothing, spoiling opportunity and time for other patients."


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Article published in "Le Monde", 06 August 2009

Rough translation.


Professor Marc Gentilini, a specialist in infectious diseases, is a member of the Academy of Medicine and former president of the Red Cross.


How do you rate the management of influenza A?


The weight attributed to influenza A is indecent in relation to the overall health situation in the world. It is a pandemic of indecency. When I look at the situation of the planet, I am ashamed to see what is done to avoid this flu about which we do know very little.


Each week in the world, nearly 200 000 children die of diseases. Most could have been saved had they had access to medication or prevention programs. Each year, 1 million people die of malaria in the almost universal indifference, of which 20 to 30 imported cases in our country. Influenza A has caused only one questionable death in France. This poor 14 years old girl probably died of another cause. But a death here count a lot more than thousands or millions elsewhere.


Governments still have a duty to provide the health risks ...


This is not to throw stones at policy-makers who are trapped by their "precautionary principle". The disaster of the heatwave of 2003, politically, haunts them.


The recommendations to wear a mask, wash hands or clean the door handles are cheap. All this was done by the government and this campaign doesn't cost much. Speaking of "grippette" [term mentioned by Professor Bernard Debré in an interview with the Journal Sunday] is not wise. For the moment it is a grippette (small grippe), but for tomorrow, the authorities have reason to consider a degradation, without giving into sanitary terrorism of some health "experts".


What do you think of the possible vaccination campaign?


The decision to buy massive amounts of vaccines that we know nothing, for 1 billion, does not seem reasonable. It is a measure that is in excess. A billion is three times more than the French aid to developing countries!


That you decide to vaccinate at-risk populations, health care, firefighters and all those to be mobilized to be available in the community, I agree. But from there to vaccinate every one ...


Nothing is known about the effectiveness of the vaccine and its possible side effects. The strain of the virus is benign, but if it mutates and becomes malignant, the vaccine was developed from the benign source will be ineffective.


The pharmaceutical industry did put pressure on the authorities?


I do not know if they have exerted pressure and, if eventually, the authorities have been victims. I know this is a very good deal for producers of vaccines! These are private companies who need to make profits. I accept it. However, it was just too expensive, and it is obvious that it must be renegotiated. Furthermore, there was not much thought about access to vaccines from the Southern countries. While, with regard to infectious diseases, we are all concerned. The pandemic is for everyone!


Is it the precautionary principle which is the cause of this panic?


The precautionary principle in itself is a good thing. We must do our utmost to avoid the worst. WHO gives the impression of wanting to redeem himself for past mistakes. It committed a dramatic denial of appreciation of AIDS, which was initially underestimated, particularly in Africa. Since then, it's afraid to commit the same mistake. For each new alert, with the SARS (Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome) and avian flu, for example, we were prepared for the worst. Fortunately, it turned out short, but in the long run, it could disarm our attention.


We predicted the worst, but the public keeps his calm. It records, it finds that influenza A is not very symptomatic, and that serious forms can be counted on the fingers of one hand in France, even though we are promised a painful fall.


We have on one hand overestimated situations that revealed themselves to be not serious, whereas too many explosive situations, such as AIDS or malaria, are still underestimated.


Interview by Jonathan Parienté

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The website of Jane Burgermeister, the woman who filed criminal charges against some top politicians, UN and WHO, claiming that the swine flu (and the "accidentally" lethal bird flu vaccine) are actually a part of a conspiracy created in the elite circles in order to decrease the world population. Interestingly, in the past she wrote for magazines like Nature and British Medical Journal, so she must know something about the topic in question.


An article about her actions: http://www.naturalnews.com/026503_pandemic_swine_flu_bioterrorism.html

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