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Some Beautiful Poetry

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all three by Sakyong Mipham Rinpoche


Fortunate Rebirth


In the kingdom of children

Every one of you is this child,

An innocent being

Who jumped out of heaven

And landed in Shambhala.

Fortunate birth is who you are-

Everything is perfect in your world.


Your clothing is the mist of heaven,

Your feet covered by dragon’s breath,

You are the most fortunate beings on earth.

You are the children of dharma.

Nothing can close your open heart.

Other children suffer, caught in perpetual dilemma-

Because Buddha has touched you,

You are fortunate.


Be dharmic now,

Be powerful now,

Be benevolent now-

Not for me, not for others-

But because that is your blood.

When you feel privileged, use it.

When you feel ashamed, pounce.

Consume that hesitation-

It’s only a flicker of your imagination.


You are the blessed people on this earth.

Every atom of your being is Buddha-

What’s left is joy.

You have no excuse;

Don’t sulk.

You can be sad, for sadness is

the most genuine expression.

Expression of goodness is who you are.

Being a child of dharma is dilemma.

Being a child of dharma is freedom.


Consume this hesitation of not knowing.

Never doubt,

Only walk forward.

Love everything,

For that is why you are here.


Night in Kalpa


This time it happened‹

Caught in a thunderstorm,

Spun and twirled,



I was caught off guard.

This whirlwind took my heart.


I needed everything to fall apart

Like feathers from a pillow

Tossed high into the sky.

Everything comes falling down,

Gliding on a breeze caught in its own time‹

Energy that can't be measured.


Comet shoots across my existence.

This wonderful force does not know where it will go.

I need things to fall apart,

I want things to fall apart.

All through time, all through the day

I have held on and held on tight.

Now everything falls apart.


The sun and the moon know how to fall apart.

Spring knows how to be summer

Autumn leaves know how to fall down.

Can I be like the seasons

And know that falling apart

Is the movement of time,

The movement of life?


I have not given up,

I have simply woken up.

This wild burst of energy

Wants to twirl and spin,

It wants mayhem.


I am mayhem‹

Claustrophobia self-liberated,

Hesitation with a friend called fathomlessness.

I am that smile that shines across the sky.

If you look up, you will see me

And fall apart.



Blue Dot


Within my mind

I live on a small blue planet.

Everyone seems far away,

No one seems close.

Everywhere is blackness,

Yet abundant life consumes each moment.

I wish and hope

Everyone could see this blue fragile life

Floating in the blacknessâ€â€

Next time they miss the bus,

Next time they forget to look and smile.


We are floating on a blue dot-

We should all be frightfully concerned.

No matter what you think, what I think,

We will always be on this blue dot,

Unless we are the masters of darkness

Or the emperors of blackness.


Look at each other-

Be kind


Look up

See blue.

That color came from somewhere.

It could be another color if we don’t play our cards right.

Our worst enemies we should hold,

Because even they love blue.




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