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Drukpa No Longer Kagyu!

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It would appear that His Holiness the Gwalyang Drukpa has divorced his lineage from the Kagyu.


On his website www.drukpa.org on March 04,2008 (see http://drukpa.org/new/2008/080304_monks_sheep.html) he wrote "With this message, I am requesting that our spiritual lineage be known throughtout the world firmly and clearly as ...simply the Drukpa Lineage....In actual fact, we as individual lineages have a garland of great masters and our monasteries are managed independently, and historically, we did not have to report to the head monasteries of other lineages...it is now urgently needed for everyone who genuinely loves and cares about the lineage to keep it alive and protect it from all kinds of threats...Writing this with a very heavy heart, that's all for now."


On January 17,2009 His Holiness wrote ( see http://drukpa.org/news/2009/090117_yongdzin.html), Very unfortunately, when I went to Nangchen in 2007, I was very shocked to learn that some of the late Drukpa Masters in Kham area that were supposed to be discovered and recognized by me were already discovered and enthroned by masters of other lineages, without even informing any one of us...Honestly, I don't know about their authenticity...many of whom I don't know and I am not sure. So it is difficult for me to give my support letters also and eventually this becomes an issue and I think whoever recognized these masters' reincarnation was exactly planning to give us headaches and eventually to creat disharmony. I am just taking this opportunity to say this very clearly and precisely...I don't believe in the way some of the tulkus have been recognized by some masters...If these few Buddhist masters continue to play this kind of tricks, very soon people will not respect and believe in reincarnate masters and by not believing in it, the lineage of reincarnations that is so precious to our Tibetan Buddhist tradition will finally be stopped due to such kind of corruptions....I am being very honest with you, although putting this here may invite a lot of criticisms, I am being daring, honest and practical, maybe too much for some people".



I have never read or heard of anything like this happening in Tibetan Buddhism. His Holiness has taken a very bold and public stance in defending his lineage.


What do you think happened?

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