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It read that fasting in Buddhism is an extreme deviance, therefore it is out of the middle way path.

I was wondering: It is said that Siddharta was fasting for 6 years, ingesting only few grains of rice per day - that's how he became aware of the middle way. Isn't that a way, taken from Buddhist's life to experience that "same" cognition?

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Fasting is not considered as an "extreme" deviance, except if it reaches a point where the body is placed in danger of not functioning, or dying. A fasting for few days, to purify the organism, eventually with just water, or juice, can be even good at spring time or such.


What is considered negative, is to deprive our body to function properly, as then the practice can be altered, as our possibilities to help others.


Shakyamuni Buddha reached the "middle way" after his period of fasting i.e. He understood that it's actually not wise to deprive the body, as much as it's not wise to self-cherish that body...

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