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Communication :-)

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What do we do when we feel lonely?

we say we are not?

What do we do when we feel worthless?

we say we are not?

How about opening all windows and doors

to the freshness of wind from the ocean!

laying flat on the floor

ballroom observing -

our home..

Guests, it's long after time now.

It's NOT been a pleasure..but fine.

Though, leave now, leave leave,

cause no one heart any more bleed..







- torturer of the proud.

And the already a little less proud.

What with can I feed you tonight?!

I'll give you a lot

So you stay behind...

Loosing such member I would not mind.

Jonathan Seagull

found new friend

after only few loops

yet not on the (same) ground...



(Needed) Explosion for Softness


Walls walls walls

walls walls

concrete walls

all around


(of distortion)



Now, do you see (me)?


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