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Courage, that’s my name..

I stand alone..ready for life.

I am no longer afraid.

I am hopeful.

I can do anything.

Because I have courage.


Because I have become a warrior.. a wisdom warrior.

I stand alone..

Like the sword of wisdom.

I will not give up the ground of compassion.

I am not afraid to proclaim this.

That’s the warriors cry. ..

I will not give up my way of love,

even if I am the last person on earth.

I will not give up give in to hate.

I will be courageous about loving all beings.

I’ll be kind to myself and merciful to others.

That’s the warrior’s code.

Tall trees sway...sound of cars...

sound moves across the sky...

Courage has allowed me to see all these.

With this fearless energy I can do anything.

Nothing will blow my path.

If obstacles arise,

courage gives me the humor, skill and delight,

to go around, over or through.

With courage even the biggest mountains cannot stop me.

Aggression can be overcome.

Courage gives me the power to love without embracement or fear.


that’s my name.


Mipham Rinpoche

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