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Dear Dharma friends,


on yesterday's teaching dear Lama Shenphen told us about 4 points to write on our bathroom mirrors to make them meaningful and I'd like to check if I have remembered their essence correctly:


1. "It is POSSIBLE to reach Enlightenment"

2. "I WANT to reach Enlightenment"

3. "I WILL DO what need's to be done."

4. "NOTHING can STOP me."


Well, I'd put also the 5th point or maybe put in on the apartment door to see it when going out:

"My life is my Practice."



Thank you for checking!


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Here is the transliteration of this part :)


"So regularly, we should look ourselves in the mirror, not just to see how beautiful we are, but to tell our self: 'Yes, it is possible to reach Enlightenment. Yes, I want to reach Enlightenment. Yes, I will apply my time, my energy, to the practice that can lead me to Enlightenment. No, nothing can stop me.'"


In time, the video of the teaching (and of the whole Bodhisattvacharyavatara series) will also be on the Dharmaling's Youtube page http://www.youtube.com/dharmaling1, so don't forget to check from time to time :)

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