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Sutras To Help Establish Earth Balance And Peace

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Dear all,


I found on www.saraswatibhawan.org two sutras recommended to read especially today, day of miracles and as well to help establish earth balence and peace especially whats going on nowdays trough the world in Japan in middle east. On saraswatbhawan webside they recommend:


"In light of the recent disaster that has struck Japan, and the effects that are being felt world-wide; as well as the riots and unrest escalating in the middle east, we are urging you to dedicate this day to your practices. It is possible to take advantage of the forces operating on this day to help pacify the extreme imbalances at play. Set aside more time to recite prayers, mantras, or to perform various rites and offerings, depending on your level of practice."



"For beginning practitioners (those who have not completed ngondro or retreats), the most accessible and effective practices that you can do is to recite specific prayers that were written by great masters for just these kinds of situations.

Some examples (which you can download by clicking the link) are the Sampa Lhundrub Prayer, written by Padmasambhava, and the Prayer to Avert Nuclear Disaster, written by Chatral Sangye Dorje Rinpoche. In addition, recitation of Sutras, such as the Palchenmo Sutra, and the Gyaltsen Tsemo Sutra, which can be downloaded from Saraswati Bhawan's publications page. Besides the recitation of these aspiration prayers and Sutras, Tara practice is especially effective, as she has dedicated herself to protect beings from the 'Eight Great Fears.' For those who have received transmission and instruction to her mantra and sadhana, please dedicate the day to reciting her mantra as much as possible."


Link for sutras:






wish you all lot of enthusiasm reading this sutras and with other practices



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