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Chapter 2 - Established base (gzhi grub)


Synonyms for gzhi grub (established base)

- shes bya, object of knowledge

- yod pa, existent 

- gzhal bya, object of comprehension

- yul, object 

- chos, phenomenon 


Synonyms for rtag pa (permanent phenomenon)

- spyi mtshan (generally characterized phenomenon) 
- kun rdzob bden pa (conventional truth) 
- 'dus ma byas pa (uncomposed phenomenon, asanskrita)
Synonyms for dngos po (functioning thing)
- byas pa (product) 
- 'dus byas (composed phenomenon) 
- dzas (?) (substantial) 
- rang mtshan (specifically characterized phenomenon or self characterized phenomenon) 
- don dam bden pa (ultimate truth)
- mi rtag pa (impermanent)


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