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Emotion, feeling and intution

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Tashi delek, :hello:


How would you describe the difference between emotion, feeling and intuition?

How can we distiguish between feeling and intuition ( knowing things in before, having a feeling for what could be dangerous to do and what not ? )


We think we follow our intution but at the end it turns out it was just a feeling, and following this feeling gave us just a great trouble ….like for example, it could be that we have such a good feeling concerning a person, than we tend to open up more easily towards that person, and at the end, it comes out our feeling was not right at all, our feeling was just misleading us.

But if we follow our intution, if we can feel that, than such things are not happening. We knew the things in before, doesn`t matter how things looked from the outside, and at the very beginning.


Only problem is just how to know from the beginning on whether , this now intuition or just feeling?... :<


With all my best wishes


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