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Vajrayana Buddhism

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Tashi Delek!


On the site of the Slovene Tibet Support Group I have found a paragraph about Vajrayana Buddhism, which confused me. Can you help me to understand it? (I apologise if the translation is clumsy.)


»Typical for Vajrayana Buddhism is understanding of nonduality of all the phenomena – in absolute, there is no difference between samsara and nirvana, between relative and absolute truth, and all the negative emotions and phenomena can be transformed, because they are perfect in their nature. Our true nature is perfect from beginningless time and all we have to do is just to realise it, but not strive for it. The final goal of Tantra is Dzogchen, a path of self-liberation or complete fulfilment, when we realise our true nature and reach primordial state above any effort.« :o


Two questions arose after reading this:

1. Is Dzogchen not only a particular practice but also a general name embracing all the highest Tantric practices? Is Dzogchen higher then all the other Tantric practices? According to the way it is written I would assume that it not just one of the many 4th class Tantra practices. :roll:


2. Is simply adopting a certain type of behaviour, for example behaving as there is no difference between the two truths – on a beginner’s level like mine – really enough to actually reach it? Is relying that we are anyhow of Buddha nature enough? What does this “just realise it, don’t strive for it” stand for? Why is then joyous effort a paramita, a perfection? :(


It all sounds to me as directing towards passivity and self-satisfaction and Ican’t chew it easily. :mrgreen: Did I miss somenthing?


Thank you for your answers, :P



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The Dzogchen teachings are neither philosophy, nor a religious doctrine, nor a cultural tradition. Understanding the message of the teachings means discovering one's own true condition...
In this short paragraph, most is said.

The mistakes is how we view and understand Dsogchen. As you spotted it, those teachings can be wrongly understood and taken as a support to do not practice nor study, thinking that all will come in time when our mind will be ready. The point is to make our mind ready. And this doesn't come by itself. Indeed, we have to act in that direction.

I had a friend, monk, who went to listen a Dzogchen teaching; he disrobed and went back to lay life. It was something like: "Why to be bothered by all this? Since we all have already Buddha nature, I just have to realize it, whatever I'm doing"...

The problem is to reach this point from which you will realize it!! This requieres merits and Wisdom; and this is acheived through practices! Practive of the Six Perfections (Generosity, Ethic, Patience, Joyous Effort, Concentration, and Wisdom), practice of Meditation, etc... Among all, Ethic is said to be the basis of all. And Ethic demand a serious work on ourselves.

Many westerners think they can avoid all this work by choosing Paths which doesn't emphasize much on intensive practices; and many think that Dzgchen is this Path. Illusion.

But by the way, illusion is also to beleive that only high level of intellectual knowledge is 'the' Path. Words only doesn't liberate us from Ignorance. Though, it can help; be a basis for further meditation.

There are many beings, and therefore many teachings so that each being can find his way to Liberation. In this, we cannot say this is "the" way, but this is "my" way, once we've found it. And to follow correctly a way, it is not by reading books and from time to time to travel here and there is Asia to get some teachings. To follow correctly a Path is to follow correctly the advises and instruction of your Guru, Himself following a pure Traditional Path.


All the best, Gelong T. Shenphen

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