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ipod broken

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All appearances of outer phenomena or inner mind are illusions because they arise through a combination of causes and conditions .Therefore all phenomena are non - existence .I was wondering how does one reduce his attachment by contemplating that all appearances are a combination of causes and conditions .Example : My ipod was broken by someone and how should i contemplate that the ipod is a combination of causes and conditions and it is not self - existence and it is non - existence .I think i am missing something here .I simply cannot see the point .pls advise

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Tashi Delek,


All phenomenom are not "non-existence", but rather don't exist out of their own characteristics, they have no essence, they are merely labels put on the combination of causes and conditions. Relatively they exist but ultimately no... And for these labels, we create desire!!! Desire to own!!! And attachment!!! Attachment to things that have no independent existence, and which are bound to disappear...This is what hurts us in fact... (the proof with your broken i-pod). Now, you gotta ask yourself one question: "Why did I buy this Ipod?".


You bought it because you had seen a commercial about it, or a friend had told you how great Ipod was, etc... Thus, creating the need, which did not exist before you had heard about Ipod, and which just came from your excited, restless mind! Not from the object itself... just from your mind... Now, we must realize, this is one of the problem of todays society, we are constantly bombarded by thousands of adds for this or that product, and our minds just gotta grab on to one or 2 of these once in a while right?! Karma is created when our mind grabs on to one of these products... I guess you could tell yourself that these needs, these desires you feel for any of these products, don't exist out of themselves, they just come from your mind... Thus, by understanding that, you can learn to tame the mind, to help it get detached from these feelings which are associated with such and such object, and eventually renounce to these "fake" feelings....


Look at what Milarepa did, he understood that by grabbing external objects and getting attached to them, his mind wouldn't find peace and thus, he completely renounced to them to go medidate in the forest until he reached full enlightenment! Now, I am not telling you to do this, but it is an example that can help you learn to enjoy material things, without getting attached to them... Because when you get attached to them, that's when you get hurt...


Maybe this helps you a little....

Best regards,

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Tashi delek :hello:


All appearances of outer phenomena or inner mind are illusions because they arise through a combination of causes and conditions .Therefore all phenomena are non - existence .


This would mean that just absolute truth would be a truth. Which would mean that you are denying the clarity aspect of mind, that you have fallen in the extreme of nihilism, and that relative truth is a lie.

But you know, we have this called "RELATIVE TRUTH ", which is a truth and not a lie. So we have 2 truths: relative and absolute. Both are truth ( Trangu Rinpoche, the teacher of H.H. Karmapa often points to this )


Relative truth and absolute truth cannot be devided from each other, yet they are not the same.

It is like 2 sides of a coin.

Or it is like moon and moonreflection

Emptiness- clarity


I would advice you to read the following book:


The harmony of emptiness and dependent Arising

by Ven. Lobsang Gyatso

Library of Tibetan Works and Archives,

Dharmasala, Idraprastha Press

ISBN 81 - 85102 - 83 - X


Furthermore I think it would be good for you to take an interview with one of your teachers, because if you misunderstand emptiness, than it could ruin your life , then it would be better you would have never met the teachings of emptiness.


There is a reason why it sayes in the Bodhisattva vows that we should not teach, talk prematurly about emptiness to unprepared people, as they could misunderstand it as nihilisms: that nothing exists.

I know a person, who has that viewpoint, whatever I tell him to this, he says to me: "I know that the teachers are saying like this, but it is just your dream that they are saying this to you and others. And at this moment you are just dreaming me, I just exist for your mind...."

There is no possibility to talk really with him. For him everything is just dream. ( instead of like dream )



So be careful, better check your understanding with one of your teachers


With all my best wishes


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Tashi Delek,


From Lama Je Tsongkhapa's Three Principal Aspects of the Path:


"Even though you familiarize yourself with renunciation

And the mind of enlightenment,

Without the wisdom realizing emptiness,

You cannot cut the root of existence.

Therefore, strive to realize dependent arising.


Whosoever sees the infallibility of cause and result

Of all phenomena in samsara and nirvana

And destroys all modes of apprehension

Enters the path that pleases the Buddha.


Appearances are infallible dependent arisings;

Emptiness is free from assertions—

As long as these two are understood as separate,

You have not yet realized the thought of the Conqueror.

When these two realizations are simultaneous and not alternating,

The mere sight of infallible dependent arising

Brings the certainty that destroys all modes of apprehending objects.

Then, your analysis of the profound view is complete.


Furthermore, appearances eliminate the extreme of existence

And emptiness eliminates the extreme of non-existence.

When you understand the way emptiness appears as cause and result,

You will not be carried away by extreme views."



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Tashi delek,:hello:


This is a teaching on " what illusion" is from H.E. Tai Situ Rinpoche


With all my best wishes



Everything is an illusion

May this illusion be pacified

May this illusion unfold itself just by itself


Everything in samsara is an illusion on all levels.

These illusions do not even last. Or does not maintain its integrity and strength in one life.

When something was affecting us very strongly as a child, it is not really the same when we have grown up

During our adulthood which is very important to us, it doesn`t mean it will last, it will be the same, when we are older.

Something which was very important yesterday is nothing today. Something that was not important yesterday can be very important today.

So in this way it doesn`t has a continuous true solid reality, that doesn`t change even in this life time.

Enemy of this life can be our number best friend next life because we have to pay our depts.

This simply makes everything a illusion, in a simple interdependent realistic way.


Other examples:

This week is no good wether, but it could have caused by the good wether last week; and this bad wether can cause good wether next week, so you never know.

This is one way of looking at illusion


Another level of looking at illusion: This very fact that I hear, see what I hear and see, that you hear and see what you hear and see, and what of all these things does to me and what to you, which seems to affect a lot in your daily life and all of this is nothing less than an illusion. It is nothing there.


How can one say this ?

It is because, for example if I died now, and if I take another physical form which is totally opposite to the way of what I am right now physically , mind same, than I wouldn`t hear, see what I see and hear now.

Therefore the things which are happening here will not affect me at all the way it effects me now.

But I will see and hear something else, so this way as long as we have enough wisdom and sence to say that this reality is not the only realty.......if we can comprehend that, than we know what illsion is.

So this way, technically, physically and in basic samsaric physical level it could be total illusion:

We are the proof for them, they are the proof for us. This is another way of illusion


And another level of illusion: They way we are right now, is not only what we hear and see, but HOW we perceive them.

I am talking Dharma here about guru devotion. You came here because you want to hear and you hear me.

But if each of us truly measures what we understood, what we thought we understood, if we, some would measure us, anybody could find an identical quality of this understanding, message.

But each of us has quite original intake, although output is one. Everything in samsara is like that, therefore it is illusion.


As we are right now, what are we ?

Why should I think and look the way I think and look and so with everybody, why is that ?

It is because this is a illusion that each one of us, all of us have been working very hard full time for all the past countless lifetimes. So everyone of us is a masterpeace that we have created. We are the true artists, very creative. How we think, react, output, input, react to things, how we cause other people reactions, all of this is result of so many causes and conditions we have created. And this is our illusion, and we are the greatest magicans.


In all the different levels, if you truly look at everything, without making things less or more, than what they are, everything is illusion of all kind. So this is the meaning of the prayer.


How can it really be beneficial for us if someone tells us that we are, you are an illusion?

What are you supposed to do with it ?

It doesn`t do anything, even if one talkes about it for 10 years. But it does one thing:

If this understanding of interdependence and emptiness which are really the basis of understanding the illusion of samsara, through this understanding, then the illusion naturally pacifies/ dissolves ( Shiwa ) in its place ( Rand ßa ).

Then we don`t have the desparate attachment as we normally have.

We will not have this desparate anger or agression, that we might had in the past. We won`t be desparate about fulfilling some of our ambitions, a form of greed.We will be not so desparate as we could be desparate.

So this and that means that it gets naturally pacified.


And as this goes on naturally, we become little bit more content, compassionate, respectful more positive, devoted, kinder, less attachment and greed. And that is how its pacifies in its own place in a healthy, mature and true kind of way. That is what we are praying, begging for gurus blessing.

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There are several methods on this topic*. By reading these lines i reflected a little bit on the point. Everyone in hers/his life is looking for something reliable. Something to rely on.

Food, money, cars, friendship, brotherhood, knowledge, compassion, Buddha Dharma … All this is what one usually experience and is confronted with when »traveling through life«. But on what one can rely upon? And where is the point of this traveling. According to some humble moments and by reading Buddha Dharma teachings the goal is to get out of suffering, to get out of Samsaric ocean (Four Noble Truths). The question is how to get out of here. For the beginning the conclusion would be one should see and comprehend things as they are – to see what one sees. And here we enter to this topic of dependent arising. That means by seeing things as they are one can see the true way and the true way is the way out of suffering.

So to understand the dependent arising of things means to see the things as they are. By seeing so one avoids doing mistakes. And is working on liberation. Attachment is one of the wrong views that actually forces one to stay longer in Samsaric realms of pain.

About this non existence, that means that there are no things or phenomena that exist on its own. Therefore everything is (co)dependent. Every thing is (in) the ocean. So to become an ocean one should know what this ocean is and by that how one can become an ocean.

This nonexistence refers to the lack of the inherent self. Self that is independent of the causes and conditions. Nonexistence in Buddhist sense does not deny things or phenomena (not a nihilistic approach). That means for example an ipod is an existence that lacks inherent self but on the other hand a presence which is hard to deny. If it is broken one cannot work by that one can even loose a job as a consequence. And by loosing a job one can loose ones own self esteem and than starts to drink and soon one »ends« on a street as a beggar. So do not underestimate the things or phenomena although they are considered as non existent. On the other hand one should not be to afflicet by ipod so one can contemplate on a broken ipod with Buddha Dharma guidance. …What are causes and conditions for ipod to be broken, etc…

What is the wisdom of this view? First of all it is investigation. And this investigation in Buddhism goes through a dependent arising. The result is then realization of emptiness. That means that one automatically sees what is supposed to be seen and acts correctly without mistakes. (No more suffering as one of the results). By realization emptiness one steps out of the circle ob death and rebirth.

For finding a proper way for reducing an attachment, finding the Lama would be also a good decision.



*Some advices from this web page could be a good starting point. [/size]' target='_blank'>http://buddhism.kalachakranet.org/attachme...ize=9px]

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The path to the cessation of suffering and by that Buddhahood,

by the path of Bodhisattva, is attained.

And to enter this Land of good to

walk all The Way on this path, shoes are needed.

Those that can perceive all the Preciousness.

Humbleness, i pray.


Oh mighty Lord,

at your feet I bow with great respect!

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