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Diplomacy against aggression

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Tashi Delek.


It is said the history are events for which people agree they happened. And I would like to point it out the illusion that something exist IF we agree with it. Fine. Yet, the things could not exist EVEN IF we agree they do. Here is the case of an exam of a student of the law:

Professor: Are all the institutions of the public administration in Slovenia located in Ljubljana, capital of Slovenia?

Student: Yes, except one.

P: Which one?

S: Harbours capetany.

P: Which is located where?

S: In the Koper harbour.

P: Could the harbour capetany be located in Ljubljana?

S: Yes, if the river Ljubljanica, which goes through Ljubljana would be classified as waterway.

P: If I take a canoe and rucksack and go to the river Sava, is this river waterway?

S: Yes....I mean, no. There should be a decree of the institution that river is waterway.

And the news is that student passed an exam.

To see the things (sometimes absurd) people invented and to see the things as they are is not yet a diplomacy. Diplomacy is a wisdom to recognize that the things for which people agree doesn`t excludes the things as they are. And the aggression is a lack of the diplomacy. In this way HH Dalai Lama passed his exam.


Best regards,



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