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why does drinking water thinking : I am drinking it to benefit sentient beings create the causes for enlightenment .

what is motivation ?Why setting motivation is important ?

Pls share how you normally set your motivations and how you adjust them .

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Hello lacu,

you say pls share...I don't know how it's right; only if I rembember the words from the Books and the Teachers, it feels like whatever they do, they do it, like you said, for the benefit of all sentient beings, because if they are thirsty or in general their body needs water, this water would make them feel better, stronger, healthier, so they can better and more be there for any sentient being that would ask for, need, help from them. But, I for example, need much much more than water :( so I try to tell myself that this chocholate cake for example shall give me the needed energy(;)), and most of all calm down my craving thoughts for it, so I will be able to step on and be creative, hopefully for the benefit of others too. Or, if I feel like I need a rest, I know that if I go doing things tired, I will do them lousily; and if the things that I planned like doing later on would be for others, I have to rest, to be or do the best I can.

:) So much in words... :? in life things get much much more complicated for me. I hope one day to understand things better, this I believe would make it easier for me.

:) I wish us all the very best,


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Guest Ani.Chödrön

Tashi Delek!


what is motivation ?Why setting  motivation is important?


I see it as fuel – because it spurs some extra effort (I may be lazy for myself, but I find it more difficult to be lazy when more people could benefit from my activity).


I see it as a compass – because it gives my mind a direction. This way everything I do becomes meaningful.


I see it as a vehicle – because without motivation for Enlightenment my mind would wander in samsara endlessly, with no hope to overcome it. And noone would benefit of it.


I see it as a point of equipoise – because it can focus one's life in one direction. If a ballet dancer wants to keep balance while doing pirouettes, she has to look at one point (she doesn’t turn her head with the body but she looks at the audience) otherwise she would feel dizzy. It is similar with the mind focusing on the highest goal – it isn't so quickly taken away.


I see it as an accelerator – if the constant motivation of benefiting others becomes a habit, this gathering of shattered thoughts gives strength to our practice and accelerates our Dharma path.



All the very best,


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