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Killing insects and mantra tu purify it !

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Tashi Delek,


In the text from Lama Zopa Rinpoche; Techings from the Vajrasatva retreat,

http://www.lamayeshe.com/acatalog/tvr.html ;-}


It is mentioned that by killing insects while driving we make causes to be reborn in Gathering and Crushing Hell realms. :rules: . Same goes for killing them while walking. :roll:


For those who walk or hike a lot it is well established rule also in Triglav National Park (and the rest of the paths) to walk on the paths that are made. Insects (bugs, ants etc.) try to cross those paths as rearly as possible. Though they do have to do it sometimes. As well we sometimes feel the need to walk :? .


What we can also do is chant the mantra OM TRE TSARA GHANA HUNG HRIH SOHA 7 l-) , blow or spit on the sole of shoes, (try to cover most of it !) :lol:


This is a blessing to our feet, so that we than save the insects that we kill from the animal realm.


We can use this also for driving.

This mantra should be somewhere on the front windscreen.


One solution would also be to spit in the flask and mix it with water for cleansing the windows. (not sure if its good way ?!? Any suggestions ?!?)


We might as well spit or blow on tires ! :roll: :oops:


There is also one other mantra but it is not written down it is called. Namgyalma mantra or Stainless Pinnacle mantra which are written in the Nalanda praying book :?:


Just to make our life more peacfull l-)


All the best, Jure

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