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Souvenirs, souvenirs...

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When I was just a kid, I once had this truth coming to my mind, as one day I pondered over people's daily agitation and beliefs... I remember clearly telling myself about the actual, factual complete absence of true existence of the things that they so firmly believed existed and spent their time talking about, liking or rejecting, grasping at, modifying and/or trying to control... It felt like this complete imcomprehension of the world I was witnessing, as with that thought, nothing was truly there and all this agitation wasn't justified!!! Indeed, how could they be so absolutely convinced that all these things really existed, when in fact they had completely been assembled by them from parts, and then simply labeled?? It seemed so obvious to me at the time that these things didn't really exist the way people showed me that they thought they did, and I knew then on that I didn't want to become like these people, didn't want to be fooled like that... I guess this was my first shot at absolute truth... I was 6 or 7 years old at the time I think, watching TV... And so this thought came and went as it came, and I had to wait until I reached 26 years old, having been fooled many times in between, to start analyzing emptiness again, this time more deeply, and remembering that once, when I was a child, I had already felt that concept deep down in my heart:) :wink:

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