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The most imoprtant person

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Tashi Delek.


I read a book "First person plural" of Cameron West. The American author described his own life story as he at the age 30 found out that within him, there are several persons. He become a doctor of psychology in order to help himself. He wanted to find out, who he really is. Which person is the one, which counts the most. At the end of the book, he wrote to his son: "You inherit a father, who is being broken in many parts. Yet, your light gives a glitter to my eyes, your heart makes my heart beat and your humorous keeps me going on." I would like to add a thought of David Brazier from Zen therapy: "The most important person is the person who is with you right now. This person needs you. In the moment of actual encounter with another person, the theories are no use. The person is more important than all theories. The theories help us to understand people in general, but this person is not a person in general."



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