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direct way out of samsaric circle

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Tashi Delek,

Yet, to the Bodhisattva, no such choise is given to him...if we think deeply.
I would agree. Bodhisattvas have a completely altruistic mind - all their actions are done with the sole motivation of helping others. They trained their minds so diligently in the past that all their self-cherishing attitudes have been extinguished. :)


All the best,


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Tashi Delek.


There are two levels of using the Ethics and precepts. Could say an outer and an inner or maybe the western and the eastern, or what ever, though. At the outer level, precepts are a pointing finger and at this level the freedom is understood as having many choices and then just picking the appropriate choice up. It is about thinking. At the inner level, precepts reveal the pure mind, they become "the blood and bones". At this level freedom means liberation and then "There is no space in our lives to be distracted by choice when the awakening flood of our deepest vow overflows from the abyss of Buddha within." (Hogen - On the Open Way. Liskeard, Cornwall; Jiko Oasis Books). It is about being, then.



Best regards,



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