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We all know in Tibetan Buddhism Tulku's / Rinpoches.


My question is what status has this Tulku and how is it proved by Tibetan ?


With status is meant:




With proves is meant:

With authenthic scriptures like Tantra's and Sutra's



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Guest lodreu

Tashi Delek,


Traditionnally the title Tulku is used for a person who is a Bodhisattva. He has realized Emptiness and Bodhicitta and is out of the cycle of conditionned rebirth.


The title Rinpoche is used not only for Tulkus, but also in certain cases for abots or ex-abots of big monasteries. They are respectively called Khen Rinpoche and Khensur Rinpoche.


This system is typically Tibetan, I'm not sure there are any texts about, except about the physical signs that a realized being can have, or prophecies about birth of realized beings at different times, what they would accomplish, etc...


Traditionnally different means were used to recognize one being as Tulku, such as divination, various tests, corroboration of various signs, sometimes propheties, clues given by the past Tulku of the place where he would get reborn, concertation of different Lamas, consultation of higher Rinpoches and melongs, etc...


Best regards,


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