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who is mingyur dorje rinpoche?

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well i would like to know wether his reputation is as good as is been said .

on the net we can see that his activity is very wide spread and his the spiritual director of numerous centers...


i'm interested more to know wether he talks from the state of realization or from a mere intelectual knowledge given the fact that he studied for at least 7 years the main tenets of buddhism...of course he spent a few years in retreat wich does not prove anything 'cause i know at least 10 individuals (very closely)who spent between 3 and 13 years in retreat (the tradittional three year retreat) and they did not get any more enlightened than me or yourself or anybody else.of course lots of them have a very good understanding of the practices and of the way the mind works and some of  them have had glimpses of the nature of mind ...


going back to mingyur dorje ...yes i would like to know wether he is more special than the others or is just another rinpoche in the world of tibetan buddhism



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Tashi delek,


I can understand your sceptism, but nobody can  judge the qualities of a person, as long one is not somewhat clearsighted. To ask at a forum about the qualities of a Lama, well I don`t know if this is a good solution, and if this should be done in a forum as the danger is there to create a lots of negative krama, if one would judge a Bodhisattva wrongly and then influencing all the people in a negative way who are reading the post......


In my eyes the only thing we can do is trying to conclude what is going on in the mind of another person, guessing his realisation, by watchig a person.

But even with that we have to be careful, because it could be always different as it seems to be, so we need to keep our mind open in this way if we try to judge somebody: "It could be always different as I perceive."

Nevertheless a careful watching is what will help.


Of course asking others can be also one way for examining, but people will say different things, so you could just pick the general of what they are saying. For this you need to ask then many people, and it should be people who know Rinpoche very well, not just some people who were once at a teachings.

Then there will be always people who like to talk negatively about someone, they are people for whom the whole glass is half empty rather than half full.

If you are happen to be a person who is tending to look more for the faults, then I guess such people could influence you more, I mean when 10 are saying good things, but 1 is saying a bad thing, then this 1 negative thing could for you become equal to 10 positive things , if the 1 negative thing is not even overshining ( darkening ) the 10 good things, almost making them as nonexistent.....this especially if you are person who wants everything to be perfect ( which can never be in samsara as there will be always something your ego wont like.)


My opinion is that one should not be overloaded with the opinions of others before meeting a person,because when you meet then that person, you will see him through the eyes of others.

I think it is important being able to distinguish between what comes from others and what is my own impression. The most important thing is always ones own experience.What you hear from others must be examined; and then please in an open minded way, NOT in a way: I am just waiting for the fault.

If we are waiting for to find a fault, we will find it more likely, and maybe we will see as well something as fault which is not a fault, because our perception is already polluted by our waiting for faults.


Examining a teacher in the west may not be so easy, as they are traveling a lot and stay in a place in avarage for 2-3 days, and with most Lamas you just get an interview for 5-10min, and in those 5-10 minutes you will be totally occupied to pose the right question and with listening to the master, and then people are knocking on the door, before you could overthink what the master said.

Maybe for the next question concering to what he told you in the interview you maybe need to wait 6 months, 1 year or more.If you are lucky you can write him an e- mail, and if you are very luck, he will reply to you quite often. ( depends on how much buzzy he is, how is your karmic connection to him )

So you have actually almost no time in an interview to examine the teacher by asking him personal questions for example to explore if he is sectarian or not.The only thing you can watch is if his advice is helping you or not ( provided you really do ALL what he sayes, and not just half of it as well that you understood him correctly)


You have then as a option to listen to his teachings, to examine whether he is really teaching the Dharama or not, and you can ask puplicly question if you have some doubts.....but this is just functioning if you have some knowledge about dharma.

I do not think a new comer to Buddism, knowing almost nothing, could descriminate. Such a person can just depend on ones intution, if it is somewhat developed, other on feelings, which are never safe.


Concerining Mingyur Rinpoche, I know him since 6 years.First personally and just since last october he is the teacher who is directing my practice according to the advice of H.H. Karmapa. My experience with him is that he is very much oriented to benefit others; he was able to tell me what is going on with me, without that I had to explain him. Just few lamas are able to do like this. What touched me very much was his empathy, I saw his compassion in his eyes when we talked about my suffering, I really had the feeling he is feeling with me, that is healing in itself. His teachings I liked very much. To my knowledge he is an expert for meditation, someone who really has experience.


With best wishes


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