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antibiotics vs. superbugs

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More about http://www.britishcouncil.org/slovenia-sci...cientifique.htm


Tuesday, 30 May at 1800 at the British Council the next Cafe Scientifique event


Why we haven't lost the war against antibiotic-resistant "superbugs"?


Antibiotics can be truly described as miracle drugs because their introduction in the middle of the 20th century prevented the mass suffering and death previously caused by bacterial infections.  However, from the 1970s onwards bacteria multiply resistant to antibiotics, the so-called “superbugs”, have arisen.  Paradoxically, many large Pharmaceutical Companies have now withdrawn from antibiotic research, leading to a decline in new drugs from this source.  Fortunately, the gaps have been filled by smaller companies and academic researchers and such laboratories in the United Kingdom, Slovenia and other parts of Europe are being supported by the European Commission.  Consequently, although we have temporarily lost some battles, we can be confident that the war against antibiotic-resistant “superbugs” will not be lost.

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Tashi delek,


It's a multi faces matter.


To each and every type of antibiotic, the germs and bacteria will develop new strategies. First, because we abuse the usage of antibiotic (too much, too many times, many times when it is not necessary, not applied correctly).

We could also mention that we are consuming already lot of ATB, even when we are not going to the doctor, even when we are not sick! In the meat people eat, or the water we drink. Animal are over-treated with ATB. Water is checked against some type of poisons and pesticides, but never for ATB! Whereas, there is a huge amount of ATB which is released through urine, and will join the phreatic water zone by filtration, and come back into the “drinkable” water…


The best is to support the immune system, the ultimate mechanism against sickness.

But, instead of that, we destroy it, starting very early, with vaccination for example link

So after we need ATB (antibiotics) to control more or less the infections.


In all, materialistic minds are “fighting”, here fighting against the sickness. Instead, peaceful attitude would support the body, the immune system, so that it can take care itself of various misbalances.

Opposite of that, we eat wrongly, when food is one of the main source of strength… or poison. Lot of refined sugar, colorants, pesticides, animal’s fat, etc…

Error of strategy! But, I’m not sure it’s involuntarily…


All the best,    Gelong T. Shenphen

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