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Curiously, I notice that many persons go towards a religion or at a moment when in their life there is something who(which) does not go, or because they try to go better. I do not recognize in this step(method) to look for a better state to be. Then I wondered what really my attracted(enticed) towards the Buddhism. I have of listen as a lot to speak about the Buddhism and about the reincarnation, the connection was made, but I is made no step(method) then to know more about it. Then one day I met A small family which practised the Buddhism of Nichiren. I hung on(collided) to a certain practice which was not convenient for me, by its personal inaccessibility. I was thus allowed carry(wear) during approximately 3 or 4 years in the recitation of nam myo �

Then one day in a forest of eucalyptus in the South of Spain, I do not know why, I addressed the persons died, whom I called the former(ancient). Respectfully, I meditated on these men and women past and asked them for their competition to help the alive. The small anecdote of this period, it is the pain on the big sister who lived the disappearance of his(her) young younger child and the fear that this last one is taken a plane with these paper and that it is followed whoever. I went away in the forest and I addressed the former(ancient) asking them to give me an answer to calm the suffering of this young lady. I do not know how long I remained sat(based) in dressmaker(suit) in the middle of the forest and in the black without the moon. A single answer arrived at my spirit while I lost any hope of an answer. And I was convinced that there was the answer. The mental object said " three days ". I ended from it that it was necessary to wait three days in the suffering of the English young person to see again(to revise) his sister who should reappear.


I returned to the camp and the group sat in my small van in full discussion. I did not understand that they said, but seen the tension which to reign, I had a presentiment that they spoke about the youngest. When the reflection taken place in words and consolations, I placed in bad English famous � three in the daytime � who(which) amazed the participants then in the Portuguese I asked in that somebody translates to the big sister, that his(her) younger child would return in three days which would follow.

Then the ended translation I answered the inquiring glance by a simple smile.

During three days which took place I remained confident and I propagated my liver to the sister, which this only hope had only. To end I would say that the scepticism of certain members of the group did not answer the wait(expectation) and the boyfriend of the big sister took me for the crazy Frenchman and he warned his fiancæ#131;©e not to listen to me. Three days we followed and the unconscious young person returned as if of nothing was.


Then I returned one the years or the two on Laval or I saw regularly my father who had taken a direction(management) towards the religion normalized in Europe, the Catholicism. Then I left southward and after a period of wandering I started again contact with a monk Franciscan with whom I had made an end of road some years earlier. He(it) had made his(its) priesthood and was cleaned out by parish. He asked me to stay and I crossed(spent) one year in near this parish. And it is there between tradition of the sutra of the heart and the divine love that I heard(understood) the voice(vote) of a man whom we called the Dalai Lama and who in some sentences summarized what at the bottom(really) I inhaled(sucked up). There began my truths collect towards the Buddhism. From book(pound) to book(pound) and of consideration in consideration, I went to what I became today or, approximately ten years. It is after my problems began unlike many and mani also

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