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Cooperation And Compassion Of Geese

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Hello, you might find it interesting, some probably know about it already. I sometimes really admire the "wisdom" of animals, their natural instincts.

Did you know that geese which always fly in a flock V shaped when going to the south fly like that to use each other's energy which makes it so easier for all of them; when a goose moves its wings, creates buoyancy for a goose flying just behind it. Flying V shaped extends a reach of a flock for at least 71% regarding the distance which could be reached by an individual goose. When any of them comes out of the flock, air resistance of an independent flying becomes so heavy, that it quickly returns to the flock, where it can uses the buoyancy of a bird in front of it. When a goose on the head of the flock gets tired, it withdraws so another bird can take the lead. Geese from the tail of the flock create sounds of encouragement for those ahead of them, to keep up with their speed. If any of them gets sick or hunters injure it, or it cannot follow the flock, two other geese stay with it, accompany it to land on the ground and protect it. These two companions stay with the goose until it can fly again, or until it dies. Only then they fly off and try either by themselves or with another flock to catch their own flock.

Best regards.

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