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Buddha Cittation

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I wish to find the reference of the following Buddha text



"I have told what I want,

but you don't believe to anything, unless you

find by yourself that it is true.

If you think that it is not, please forget.

If you find that it is true,

then, I hope, you will use it."


Have a nice day,


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From the Sutra on (Pure Realms) Spread Out in Dense Array:

"Do not accept my Dharma merely out of respect for me, but analyze and check it the way a goldsmith analyzes gold, by rubbing, cutting and melting it." ~ Lord Buddha.


The Dalai Lama, among others, confirms that we ought to treat the words of the Buddha like a piece of jewelry the seller claims is made of gold.

"Monks and scholars should accept my word not out of respect but upon analyzing it as a goldsmith analyzes gold, through cutting, melting, scraping and rubbing it. "

~ interview concluding John Avedon's In Exile From the Land of Snows.


The four truths are not to be treated like dogma, said the Teacher.

Rely not upon the person, but upon the doctrine.

With respect to the doctrine, rely not on the words but on the meaning.

With regard to the meaning, rely not on the interpretable meaning, but on the definitive meaning.

With regard to the definitive meaning, one should rely not upon comprehension by an ordinary state of consciousness but upon an exalted wisdom consciousness.

Because of this, the reliability of teachings cannot be determined by the person who taught them but by investigating the teachings themselves.


From khandro.net (quotes closest to first post's, as far as my knowledge goes)

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