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Poem Of Animals On Eating Meat

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I like this part from: Mahaparinirvana Sutra & Abstaining From Eating Meat and Fish, Even Died by Natural Causes


For whether they are walking, sitting, standing, lying, or even sleeping, meat eaters are a source of terror to animals who can smell them?just as everyone is frightened at the smell of a lion. My son! People who dislike the smell of garlic turn away from those who eat it. What need is there to mention the disadvantages of such food? It is the same with meat eaters. When animals smell meat, they are terrified; they are afraid of being killed. Any animal, in field or stream or flying in the sky, flees, believing that the person in question is their very enemy.


more on: http://www.shabkar.org/scripture/sutras/ma...vana_sutra1.htm

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