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Tashi Delek.


I didn't know where exactly to post my question, this forum doesn't seem right for a question like this, but well - if it is inappropriate, I would ask the moderator to erase it. I thought it could somehow fit into "education" title...


So, my question / request: I am looking for german-speaking friends in Dharma, who would be willing to speak to me once or twice a week (per MSN or Skype), so I could at the same time make new friendships and practice my german.

I've also browsed some other forums for that intention, but I don't know - people are different and well, I love to talk about buddhism with the friends I have. I assumed this is the place to find them... :))

Since Ven. Rinpoche is giving teaching in Austria too, I thought there may also be some austrians regularly online ;)


I will appreciate any help of this kind or perhaps a direction where to post such a question, providing it would be erased here...


With my best wishes,


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Hi Ana,

Let me know if you received my pm.




Tashi Delek,


yes, I received it. will check it out and be in touch - thank you!


By the way, a place for a new friend always open :))


All the best,


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