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Welcome to the

Buddhist Congregation Dharmaling

Non-sectarian Buddhist Community based on Tibetan lineages, 
with emphasis on application of spiritual and human values in every day life.

The Dharma taught by Shakyamuni Buddha is about the mind and the nature of our existence, about the causes of our suffering and the way to bring a cessation to it.

Dharma's Wisdom is universal, knows no border, is not hindered by colour of skin or social level. It was taught to help to deal with the root of all: our mind; and since the mind is the same worldwide, it is meant to all people of the World.

Dharma's Compassion is wide and doesn't recognize any sectarism, therefore has never launched any religious war since it exists (2600 years), is non-violent by definition, and promote Peace. 

The strength of Buddha-Dharma is an unbroken lineage of Transmission
 from Masters to Disciples, on the basis of Shakyamuni Buddha and other Buddhas' Teachings. Unfortunately, it has been predicted that in our time, the Teachings will degenerate and will lead to a 'dark age'. Therefore, there is an urge to engage in a very ethical way, and to practice as well and as soon as possible.


 Dharmaling proposes:

- Regular teachings and practices
- Advises for the spiritual path 
- Wedding blessing ceremony
- Prayers when passing away
- Visiting patient at hospitals, and prisons
- Workshops for children and adults, about ethical values, anger/anxiety managment, ...


Buddhist Congregation Dharmaling promotes the Teachings of the Buddha following advises of the highest Lamas and Holy beings of past and present time. Yet, Dharmaling aims at transmiting Buddha's Wisdom in the ways the most appropriate to benefit all beings, adapted to the countries where it is taught. Dharmaling is leading a regular program, organising initiations, seminars and retreats. 



Our Congregation has a regular programme in Ljubljana, Slovenia. Basically, there is a Shine/Vipassana mediation on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 18:00, a Shine/Sadhana practice on Wednesdays (18:00) and more specialised practices on Saturdays (usually for people with initiation or permission to practice). Once a month or so, we have a (video) teaching on Friday. Occasionally we organise seminars, retreats, etc. To be informed about the current programme, please subscribe to our newsletter (sent every Sunday for the coming week). The calendar is updated weekly with the programme of the coming week. For any information not listed here, please call +386 40 125 512.


Short Vajrasattva mantra accumulation for Shenpen Rinpoche

A melong from Tibet seriously warned us that Rinpoche's life is in danger. He recommended several things to do, amongst them that Shenpen Rinpoche's students recite 100 million Vajrasattva mantras. Please read more details in this Facebook post. Students are welcome to send each Saturday the number of recited mantras to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Mantras collected: 8,500,000 / 100,000,000

For Slovenia only:
Buddhist Congregation Dharmaling is elligible for receiving the 0,5% of the taxes you are giving to the State. 
Our tax number is: 30201144 - You can download a pre-filled form here




Words of Wisdom

"There is no evil similar to anger and no discipline like patience, strive always therefore for tolerance, cultivating it in varied ways."
- Shantideva

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