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Five near immediate bad deeds

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Five near immediate bad deeds

(skt.: anantarya sabhagah; tib.: nye we tsam me nga) These five actions are similar to the five immediate bad deeds in that they cause rebirth in hell, but not necessarily in the immediately following life.

They are:
1. sexually violating ones mother who is also an arhati
2. killing a bodhisattva who is destined to be a buddha
3. killing an arya who has not yet reached the arhat stage
4. stealing the property of the Sangha
5. destroying a stupa


Words of Wisdom

"You don't need to obsess over the attainment of future realizations. As long as you act in the present with as much understanding as you possibly can, you'll realize everlasting peace in no time at all."
- Lama Zopa Rinpoche

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